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The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan
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Restaurants In Amman

Arabic Food

Restaurant Name  Tel: (962-6)
Abu Ahmad  4641879
Al Bustan  5661555 
Al Baydar  4127556
Al Kalha  5864242
Al Quds  4630168
Al Dewan  4618181
Al Firdous (Lebanese) 4711113
Al Mansaf  5607607 
Al Waha 5343734
Al Zawadeh  4721528 / 079-32413
Ana Amman  4787833
Argeelah 4659520
Ata Ali  5668682
Darotel  5607193
Faisal Al Qadi  5605881
Fakhr El-Din(Lebanese) 4652399
Jabri  5688111 / 5681700
Kan Zaman  4128393
Okaz Terrace 4641361
Reem Al Bawady 5515419
Seven Hills Restaurant 079-24998
Tannoureen (Lebanese) 5515987

 Western & Oriental

Restaurant Name Tel:(962-6) Kind
30 Something  5604620 Continental
Alferedo 5821705  Italian
Al Madafa  5607000  Continental
Al Rozena  4613572 Continental
Amigo Nabeel 4638031  Continental
Bonita 4615060 Spanish
Bukhara 4641361 Indian
Carrousel  5822425 Continental
Chen 5518214 Chinese
China House 5693004 Chinese
China Town 5696511 Chinese
Corfu 5695308 / 5680185  Greek
Humphrey's 53530640 Mexican
Indian Restaurant  5819829 Indian
Jengizghan 4658850 / 1 Chinese
Kashmir 4659520 Indian
La Coquette 5680093 Frensh
La Cucina 5933355 Italian
La Dolce Vita  4659520 Italian
La Maison Verte 5685746 Frensh
Leonardo Da Vinci 5662441 / 5606281 Italian
L'olivier 5819564 Frensh
Mama Juanita 4641361 Mexican
Peking 5660250/8 Chinese
Restaurant China 4638968 Chinese
Romero 4644227 Italian
Szechwan Gardens 5861174 Chinese
Taiwan Tourismo 4641093 Chinese
Tokyo Gardens 5812997 Japanese
Turino 5863944 Italian
Whispers  5827850 Continental
Villa D'angelo 4638212 Italian


What To Buy From Jordan?

Click on these Pictures

All Stamps Issued in Jordan untill year 2000 with pictures

Mother of Pearl


Dead Sea Cosmetics
Various Kinds of The Dead Sea Cosmetic Products

Olive wood Products


Holy Water


Arabic Saddles
& Accessories


Mosaic Art

 Web Design
5 pages
 US$ 70.00

Coffee Shops
Restaurant Name Tel:(962-6)
Adam's  4645229
Al Farouki  5678580
Al Mawardi 5692010
Al-Noumani Cafe 07940566
Al Sanabel  5825112
Al Qaser Garden  5689671/5666140 
Arabesque  5698005
Bambo Cafe 5693628
Babishe  5661322
Café Boulevard 4641361
Cafe De Paris  079-33078
Cafe Mokka  5926285
Cheers Elite Cafe  5863944
Chez Hilda  5824808
Demitasse  5866066 
Frosti (Ice Cream)  5864237 / 5661503
Garfield's 5691004/5
Geneva  5669100
Hard Rock Cafe 07945747
La Bonita Cafe  5684747
Layali Al Sultan 5601230
Strand  5660927

Fast Food

Restaurant Name Tel:(962-6)
Boston Fried Chicken  4783203 
Cheers Take-Away 5863944
Chilli House 5337033
China Inn 5861303
Chicken Tikka (Indian Style) 5515491 
Cheers at Turino (Western)  5816690 
Champions (American)  5607607 
Funny Bunny 5825204
Garfield's 5691004/5
Hard Rock Cafe 07945747
Houston's 5620610
Jolly Bee 5688006
Kenny Rogers Roasters 5811046
Kentucky Fried Chicken 5671608
Little Caesar Pizza  5862135
Mamamia (Italian)  5682122
Mc Donald's 5859806
Milano ( Italian) 5680670
Napoli Pizza  5698504
NewYork NewYork (Sandwiches) 5605307
Nouroz (Continental)  4642830
Papazzi  5821938
Pizza Hut  5681640
Philadelphia Corner 5681009
Pizza Pomodoro 5928515
Popeye's 5512617
Subway 5856165
Tom & Jerry 5825940
Torino Pizzeria-Restorante  079-44584
Yesterdays 4654201 / 4654500

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